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Donald C. Shorter, Jr. photo: Travis Magee

Revolution! Scholars and Artists Rethinking Political Action is a philosophy and art conference/workshop that investigates the intersection between art and politics. It is hosted by Jeanette Joy Harris, Parish Conkling, and Julia Claire Wallace in conjunction with the Philosophy Department of Houston Community College and Experimental Action, a performance art organization based in Houston.


The goal of Revolution! is to facilitate unique interdisciplinary conversations between scholars and artists in Houston and beyond. During this conference we will experience amazing and creative work that inspires a sense of personal, social, and political action. More importantly, we will gain a better understanding as to how we, as individuals, can be more effective change agents through collaboration.


Revolution! is influenced by the thought of Hannah Arendt. Arendt tells us in The Human Condition that the public sphere is a dynamic and ever-changing space where the miraculous and limitless can occur. Her emphasis on the importance of the combined use of words and deeds is our jumping off point. This conference brings together people who “word” well and “deed” well in order to see what can happen!


Revolution! is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance and in partnership with Goethe Pop Up Houston. 

Revolution! is associated with Statera Arts SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day. 



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