Trisha Brown, Walking on the Wall, 1971. Photograph by Felix Clay. Source: Bombastictelefantastic

We should no longer pride ourselves on being a community of pure spirits; let us look instead at the real relationships between people in our societies.

– Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The World of Perception

Revolution! is a platform that investigates the intersection between art and politics, particularly performative and participatory practices. We are Houston-based, but work with artists, thinkers, and organizations from around the world to thoughtfully consider what it means to intervene in our larger world.

Revolution! is influenced by the thought of Hannah Arendt. Arendt tells us in The Human Condition that the public sphere is a dynamic and ever-changing space where the miraculous and limitless can occur.



We are committed to discourse that encourages differing – and oftentimes opposing – points of view.


We believe in spaces that encourage inclusion and plurality.


We believe that performance practices have a unique capacity to engage artists and communities.


We believe in the dignity and integrity of all bodies and that our common corporeality provide a place of respite, respect, and responsibility.

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